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Return to Sector 9

Return to Sector Nine, by Pug Fugly Games, is a collection of nine minigames revolving around a single premise: make stuff explode… IN SPACE! It’s a throwback to the old arcade shooters of yesterdecade – you, in one little ship, blasting the everloving snot out of hordes of enemies while dodging walls of projectiles and obstacles as you rack up enough points to beat your top score. Along the way you’ll unlock new game modes, new ships with different capabilities, and all manner of other useful things.

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National Defense 2 Review

When he’s not busy correcting the spelling of teenagers on the Internet or cracking the whip over his lackeys, Dev Mag’s very own editor Claudio “Chippit” de Sa has been known to delve in a bit of game development himself. National Defense is one of his creations, and it’s a great example to show what a bit of planning and foresight can do to give indie games an extra sprinkling of class.

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Nandrew: Right, so, here we are with a review of Trino. Made by a bunch of guys that call themselvesTrinoTeam. Let’s kick off by mentioning that we’re going to try a new review scheme for this particular game.

Chippit: Yeah, something different for the guys who were nice enough to toss a copy of the game into our mailbox.

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Blastion Review

It’s rare that a fresh concept is exceptionally implemented in its first incarnation, but that is exactly what Miktar Dracon has accomplished with Blastion. Taking the idea of racking up points with limited lives and flipping it on its head, Blastion’s gameplay is quite unlike anything else in recent memory. While the motivation given to the player is fairly standard, scoring enough points to earn that ever-challenged number one spot on the scoreboard, it can take a little while to get used to the new concepts offered.

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