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Starting Small: XNA Framework Guide

In this instalment of the Starting Small series, we look at XNA (XNA is Not an Acronym) – a set of tools from Microsoft for developing games. The reasons this tutorial is focussing on XNA are simple: it is easy to use (when you know a bit about it), and it can be used to develop for Windows, Xbox and Windows 7 Phone. With the arrival of Xbox LIVE in South Africa, I’m sure that many developers will want to try their hand at developing for these platforms.

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Jacking up

Save Jack was one of last year’s honorable mentions in Microsoft’s annual DreamBuildPlay game development competition, made by a pair of South African devs with a penchant for interesting ideas and a desire to put them into action. We decided that it would be a good idea to interview these good folks for their take on what it’s like devving for a competition like DBP, and how they feel about the progression of the “South African game development identity”. This is one for all you southern hemisphere locals out there: read on and be enlightened!

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Nandrew: Right, so, here we are with a review of Trino. Made by a bunch of guys that call themselvesTrinoTeam. Let’s kick off by mentioning that we’re going to try a new review scheme for this particular game.

Chippit: Yeah, something different for the guys who were nice enough to toss a copy of the game into our mailbox.

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