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Until this handy little article on IndieGames came along, I never really understood the IGF. I mean, a whole lot of games go in, a few of them come out, everybody gets excited for a while and then trophies get handed out. But what makes a good IGF game and […]

IGF Judging demystified

Sunshine. No, not that stuff that makes every Briton envious of us down in sunny SA. This Sunshine, the latest gamelet coming out of whatever home Kyle Gabler (one half of 2D Boy) currently calls his liar. It was entered – albeit slightly late – into Experimental Gameplay Project art […]

7 day forecast: Sunshine

So it’s a brand new year, and I’m not going to ramble much about it since Nandrew seems to have done a great job pre-empting me on this matter. Needless to say, our holiday is over, and you can expect us to once again begin to update regularly; that’s right, […]

IGF 2010 Finalists announced

Happy new year! I’m not toooo late, am I? I mean, there’s this awful ringing in my head and I can’t seem to find my clothes, but my computer is still in tip-top shape, and that’s what really matters. One of the first things that I was greeted with upon […]

YoYo comp 05 goes handheld

I nearly squealed when I saw Slot Machine RPG on IndieGames. It may seem strange, but those super-duper retro sort of graphics have a certain sexiness to them, and seem to be the visual front for all kinds of really cool games. This one is no exception. Made for the […]

Some simple RPG goodness

I’ve never been one for podcasts and the like, but I thought I’d mention this little snippet while it’s still hot: the TIGSource community have fired up their engines and started on something called TIGRadio, a weekly show which talks about indie stuff and things and has people like Edmund […]


Now that I’ve got your attention, allow me first to direct you to this page. No, don’t ask questions, just read. Although, it’s not like any of you would question the value of any link pointing to Lost Garden, right? When you’re done with that, let’s get on to the […]

Cheapy cheap Christmas specials

I’ve recently been scanning this month’s entries for the Experimental Gameplay Project to see how far the theme “Art Game” can be stretched, mainly because I’m thinking about throwing my own little something in over the next few days. Two games in particular stood out for me (at least among […]

Art gaemz: Earth and ir/rational

So this is a bit of a hot topic. Everyone with a strong opinion and the ability to string a few words together has written on it, including our own Nandrew. Indiegames.com editor Michael Rose decided he wanted to set the field straight and gave his own down-to-earth set of […]

ATTN: For immediate reading

It’s the end-of-year holiday season thing! What a great time to start up a game development project, no? Game.Dev thinks so, and the recent Comp 24 announcement has, as always, offered entrants an intriguing concept: developers have to try and make two separate game genres play nice with each other, […]

Comp 24: Coherence

If you haven’t yet heard of Cletus Clay, you’re missing out on one of the coolest development ideas in recent memory. It may seem like just another 2D platformer at first, but the fact that the entire game world is built with stop-motion clay animation makes it very interesting indeed. […]

More Cletus Clay vids

Fresh new month, fresh new start. Man, where’s that coffee? And those news updates? And why’s the wallpaper peeling? Gawd, I need to take better care of this place. Anyway, I found a rather interesting piece about the work of Jonatan “cactus” Söderström sitting pretty over on Boingboing today. And […]

A look at cactus

DanC’s Lost Garden unfortunately doesn’t update often. But when it does, as was the case recently, it’s guaranteed to be an insightful read for those game developer types like us. The latest post identifies three self-imposed constraints that game designers often inflict on themselves and then discusses why they do […]

Cast down the self-imposed restrictions

Look! More cheap stuff! Steam (surprise, surprise) is offering Popcap’s anti-zombie gardening-defence game (that sounds less awesome than it is) for half the price until tomorrow. That’s $5 for Plants vs Zombies. Who can say no to that? And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to grab Time Gentlemen, Please for […]

Zombies on your lawn

Because Amanita Design are so awesome, they not only created the awesome Machinarium and accompanied that release with a totally awesome soundtrack, but have now chosen to extend that very same soundtrack with an awesome additional set of 5 unreleased songs, totally free. If you’re not already convinced (but you […]

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