IGF 2010 Finalists announced

News IGF 2010 Finalists announcedSo it’s a brand new year, and I’m not going to ramble much about it since Nandrew seems to have done a great job pre-empting me on this matter. Needless to say, our holiday is over, and you can expect us to once again begin to update regularly; that’s right, new articles and no more of this ‘intermittent new updates’ rubbish. The new year brings good things!

And one of those good things is the release of the shortlist for the 2010 IGF competition, which you can see over on their site. We’re particularly happy to see McMillen’s Super Meat Boy lined up for the grand prize, with another nomination for Excellence in Audio. Check out the list and make your predictions in the comments.

And have a happy (belated and clichéd) New Year.