News TIGRadioI’ve never been one for podcasts and the like, but I thought I’d mention this little snippet while it’s still hot: the TIGSource community have fired up their engines and started on something called TIGRadio, a weekly show which talks about indie stuff and things and has people like Edmund McMillen in it (who may just be the one person in the world that could actually inspire me to listen to a podcast, with the honorable exception of the Penny Arcade/PvP DnD crew).

This one should be a shoe-in for anybody who regularly tunes in to Internet radio — if you want a sample, the first episode is available in the archives. It’s about an hour long and features a kickass intro sequence. It also guest stars Adam Saltsman, Edmund McMillen, Brandon Boyer, Danny Baranowsky and Colin Northway, who occupy themselves with looking back on 2009 and making predictions for 2010.

I’ll repeat that I’m not big on audio streams myself (it’s difficult to explain — involves peanut butter and Belgium), but my own haphazard observations lead me to believe that this will be pretty cool: the show is populated by the sort of people who are quite used to public chattery, and TIGSource in general is pretty awesome. Here’s wishing them the best.