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News ATTN: For immediate readingSo this is a bit of a hot topic. Everyone with a strong opinion and the ability to string a few words together has written on it, including our own Nandrew. editor Michael Rose decided he wanted to set the field straight and gave his own down-to-earth set of tips on the matter, particularly focused on what he looks for in emails sent to

Give it a read. It’s an enlightening piece, and you can never gather enough tips on this topic, because it truly is one of the most important skills required to survive as an indie dev. And because I learn so fast, I’ve even adapted Dev.Mag’s headline policy to match. No, wait, I think I may have gotten it wrong—

Anyway, while you’re on Gamasutra, make sure you also read the Splosion Man postmortem that was posted a week or two ago. It’s a great account of the struggles faced during the production of the Summer of Arcade hit.