Some simple RPG goodness

News Some simple RPG goodnessI nearly squealed when I saw Slot Machine RPG on IndieGames. It may seem strange, but those super-duper retro sort of graphics have a certain sexiness to them, and seem to be the visual front for all kinds of really cool games.

This one is no exception. Made for the TIGSource Assemblee competition, this humble dungeon crawler is a minimalist RPG enthusiast’s dream, combining simple mechanics with a damn good idea of what raw fun is. Players need to navigate randomly generated dungeons in search of the Crystal of Ix, going room by room while fighting enemies, avoiding traps and eating half their own weight in mushrooms to stay alive (hey, they’re probably the only food that can grow down there anyway). Occasionally, they’ll come across weapon upgrades, health boosts and spell tabs so that they can proceed to lower levels and take on even more challenging monsters.

The game is still in development (there’s only 5 levels so far), so if you have any ideas after playing it, be sure to offer some feedback on the developer’s thread at TIGSource.