IGF Judging demystified

News IGF Judging demystifiedUntil this handy little article on IndieGames came along, I never really understood the IGF. I mean, a whole lot of games go in, a few of them come out, everybody gets excited for a while and then trophies get handed out. But what makes a good IGF game and how do the judges make their decisions?

Well, this in-depth look from judges Jens Bergensten, Alex May and Michael Rose will tell you all you need to know about the mysterious inner workings of the judging process. It’s a particularly interesting read if you’re even remotely keen on the idea of submitting your own game to the IGF (and to be honest, it’s always an entertaining thought).

Once that’s whet your appetite, take a look at The Boing Boing Guide to the 2010 Indie Games Festival if you haven’t already tripped over the million and one IGF finalist summaries that are knocking around the Internet (Dev.Mag will probably go hands-on for a few of the games too, kicking ass all the way). It’s a great way to get you pumped for some really cool indie games … even if half of them aren’t available yet.

Play on!