7 day forecast: Sunshine

News 7 day forecast: SunshineSunshine. No, not that stuff that makes every Briton envious of us down in sunny SA. This Sunshine, the latest gamelet coming out of whatever home Kyle Gabler (one half of 2D Boy) currently calls his liar. It was entered – albeit slightly late – into Experimental Gameplay Project art game contest last month. And it’s all about a plant.

Yeah, actually, that’s all there is to it. Will Sunshine be Gabler’s next amazing hit? Maybe not, but it’s still worth a bit of your time. It’s cute, it’s lathered with Gabler’s distinct style, and it’s a 10mb download. Gabler’s quite fond of submitting stuff to EG, and as many know, even World of Goo had a humble start on EGP. In fact, the current showcase has more than a few of his 7-day creations.

So give this one a shot, and decide for yourself if this is a humble start of its own.