A look at cactus

News A look at cactusFresh new month, fresh new start. Man, where’s that coffee? And those news updates? And why’s the wallpaper peeling? Gawd, I need to take better care of this place.

Anyway, I found a rather interesting piece about the work of Jonatan “cactus” Söderström sitting pretty over on Boingboing today. And while I’m usually chased away from online articles that look like they’ve been drowned in pictures and videos (my mobile connection is less than understanding), I simply couldn’t resist this one. That, and I found a colleague’s computer to load up the videos for me — so great success!

The article is a pretty cool spotlight on the work of dear cactus, a gentleman whose claim to fame is the ability to make a lot of really neat games really quickly. He’s a fascinating and talented individual, and although I’d challenge the merit of some of his games (I’m always wary of hype) I think that anybody who doesn’t know the character well enough already should have a look at this piece. It’s a good bit of reading-slash-viewing.