Cheapy cheap Christmas specials

News Cheapy cheap Christmas specialsNow that I’ve got your attention, allow me first to direct you to this page. No, don’t ask questions, just read. Although, it’s not like any of you would question the value of any link pointing to Lost Garden, right?

When you’re done with that, let’s get on to the meat of the post. There are two special deals that have been brought to our attention, fulfilling festive obligations by making fun games cheap:

  • The first is a special offer from Amanita Design which bundles Samorost 2 and Machinarium together for only $10.

  • The second involves using the super special fancy Christmas code, BMWS000H3, at checkout on the Grappling Hook site, to get a neat 25% discount on the standard price.

These options are a limited offer, only lasting until Christmas day in the case of the Amanita deal, and 2 days after that for Grappling Hook. Make your choice (or buy both) and get your festivities on.