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Motion control is the big buzzword that everyone’s throwing around nowadays, with all the big players throwing their chips onto the table. But what does this all mean other than the inevitable storm of shovelware asking players to look silly in front of their peers? Well, Ian Bogost takes an […]

Examining gestures

Due to my Internetlessnessity over the past few days, I’ve been worried about the e-mail/RSS leviathan that would be sure to confront me when I finally manage to scrabble back online. Fortunately, I always have a special little tactic of scouring the Game.Dev forums first and foremost when it comes […]

Game Maker 8.0 Features …

There’s been a surge of activity over at, and since it’s been so long since we’ve mentioned anything going on there (and because I like to pretend I’m all old and wise and retro and stuff), so here’s a quick roundup of the most promising looking recent submissions and […]

RetroRemakes roundup

The guys over at the TIGForums have recently kicked off a small, satirical competition, and voting is now open. It’s the EDGE, a competition for GAMES! There are 10 final entries, and every single one of them seems as hilarious as their respective names suggest. Having given one or two […]

EDGY unofficial comp running on the TIGForums

Having read Herman Tulleken’s extensive tutorial on seamless tiles with great gusto and happy-joys, it’s nice to see an article on the Wolfire blog dealing with a similar topic. Any of you ever tried generating something like terrain or other repetitive surfaces? Two things usually happen: first, the result turns […]

Seamless textures tutorial

Here’s a rather interesting little tidbit that I spotted in Gamasutra between sipping cocktails and admiring the sunset from my personal Mediterranean island. Derek Yu, a guy who we’ve repeatedly harassed for some good old conversation, has now been nagged by Gamasutra to talk about Spelunky and indie development and […]

Gamasutra talks to Yu!

If there’s one pet hate that I have concerning games (aside from those obnoxious troglodytes that plague multiplayer servers for just about any title you care to mention) it’s the idea of making things competitive. Now, I know that this statement alone will cause a lot of people to froth […]

Screw It

We haven’t covered stuff from the GameDev.Net community in a while, so here’s something of interest that caught our eye: according to this news post, there’s a competition over at Ziggyware which requires entrants to construct their own kickass XNA tutorial. The prizes aren’t too bad either, particularly if you’re […]

Ziggyware XNA article contest

Just when we thought that everyone had forgotten about that quaint little world-domination gem that came out of the tiny studio, Introversion surprise us with an AI API release and an attached challenge: Make the best DEFCON bot you can, using whichever method you deem best. Alternatively, you could embark […]

Introversion launches an AI challenge

Just a quickie today, about a neat new book I’ve just discovered. It’s really not often I get to read a good development-related book, particularly not one that’s free, so this one is especially notable “Well played” means a good many things, as the editor of the book is quick […]

Game design book available for free download