Another good read: Lockhart’s Lament

News Another good read: LockhartRight, so this isn’t strictly related to game development, but it’s an interesting PDF document for programmers to have a glance at. And probably most of the less technically-inclined types, too.

A mysterious masked figure swung me a copy of “A Mathematician’s Lament” by Paul Lockhart, a document outlining how the true potential of mathematics as an art and something that is meant to be enjoyed has been watered down – or stamped out entirely, even – by a school system which kills the spontaneity and joy of discovery that it can offer.

I think most computer science classes and game programming courses have the same problem: you can see which of the students have invested time in the discipline beforehand, investigating and exploring the “art” for themselves. This is clear in not only the skill difference and quality of output, but the type of work they do and the attitude that they take towards it.

Anyway. It’s a fairly weighty document, but if you just want to read the opening story you should get a good idea of where Lockhart is coming from.

I should also point out, while I’m at it, that too many new devs out there are terrified of making their own game sounds. Any thoughts?