Things to do when you’re board

News Things to do when youComp 22 is nearing its end, and the “Genre Benders” theme has already attracted quite a few entrants. An astounding number of these are good old “hardware” versions of popular games, which I personally find to be a rather fascinating take on game design. After all, how many developers nowadays actually take the time out to develop a new and interesting board game?

Some efforts, such as this clever interpretation of Worms, are looking quite promising, and it’s just nice to see pretty photos of pretty things being made far away from any computer screen.

While we’re on the topic: I’ve been following Kieron Gillen’s recent series on classic board games. He goes remarkably in-depth on the game design lessons offered by things like chess, backgammon and even his pet hate, Ludo (which I totally despise myself).

I strongly recommend reading at least a few of these articles: he’s got the series summary over here.