EDGY unofficial comp running on the TIGForums

News EDGY unofficial comp running on the TIGForumsThe guys over at the TIGForums have recently kicked off a small, satirical competition, and voting is now open. It’s the EDGE, a competition for GAMES! There are 10 final entries, and every single one of them seems as hilarious as their respective names suggest.

Having given one or two of them a look, I found myself particularly enamoured (in a weird, roundabout way, considering the game makes you feel like a real asshole) with EDGE Tycoon. It’s probably a combination of the oft-hilarious game titles, cheesy 80s music and general ridiculous theme. Or that I’m just an asshole by nature and this sorta thing appeals to some weird subconscious sense. Either way, it comes particularly recommended.

Check out the rest of the entries here, then cast your votes!