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News Game design book available for free downloadJust a quickie today, about a neat new book I’ve just discovered. It’s really not often I get to read a good development-related book, particularly not one that’s free, so this one is especially notable

“Well played” means a good many things, as the editor of the book is quick to point out, and now we can chalk up one more for the title of this book. Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning is a collection of 22 essays written by various authors examining the game design nuances of 22 different mainstream video games. If you’re looking for a veritable ton of interesting insights and dissections of game design choices in popular games, look no further than here.

You can read it all online here, or download a nicer, formatted .pdf version over at Choose your poison, then sit away for an afternoon to read it all. You shan’t be disappointed.


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