News CanabaltI recently wrote a piece on NAG Online evangelising the use of flixel for Flash developers. I think that Canabalt is a lovely case in point.

This game has recently been doing the online rounds, so I thought I’d mention it too. It’s a single-button jumper effort which strips away game complexity in favour of atmosphere and coolitude (cool enough to warrant making a word up for, even). The premise: you’re running across rooftops, evidently escaping from some sort of huge battle thing that’s tearing apart the city.

Break through glass windows, scatter rooftop doves and listen to the pumping music as your character runs progressively faster over the landscape, leaping over obstacles and generally being one huge badass.

It’s not only a fairly joyous experience to blow a bit of time on, but it’s a really stylish demo of flixel’s capabilities. Have a look if you’re interested in burrowing into Flash dev.