Living on the EDGE

News Living on the EDGEBeware, indies. If you don’t behave, eat all of your veggies or pay careful attention to remarkably contrived IP complaints, then Kotaku says that the Tim Langdell monster will come to take you away.

We were kinda shocked by the news that Mobigames’ iPhone title, EDGE, was taken off the App store because, lo and behold, a certain member of the games industry has a gaming company called EDGE Games and reportedly enjoys being a dick to honest developers when it comes to stuff like game names and other trivial matters.

We don’t really want to go into the gory details: we just strongly suggest that you read these news posts by Kotaku and TIGSource to find out the extent of what has us miffed.

Dev.Mag hopes that this news ain’t true, folks. Failing that, we hope that Langdell doesn’t have any hang-ups about the word “marble”, otherwise Luma are in some serious trouble too.