BSP rendering in XNA

News BSP rendering in XNAAside from Luma’s awesome Marble Blast Mobile release last week (which we’ll keep yammering about until the light finally dies in our eyes – go go impartial journalism!), we haven’t had much to report on from an ever-so-South-African context, so it’s nice when we see more local stuff being kicked onto the front porch.

SAGD community member Korax has released the source for his Quake 2 BSP renderer, coded entirely in XNA. The short of it: the fellow wanted to learn XNA, coded a Quake 2 engine from scratch, and decided to release the source code and a dev diary in the hopes that others could learn from it. The long of it: well, we’re not going to go into that. Hit the link and read for yourself, you lazy buggers.

This gent is obviously looking for feedback, so please leave your comments on the dev page. Cake is also an option.