Gamasutra interviews Epic’s Sweeney

News Gamasutra interviews EpicGamasutra won’t shut up about this interview that they’ve got with Tim Sweeney from Epic Games. They’ve made several news posts about it already, not only on their own site but on places like Slashdot too. Guess they’re really excited about this one.

And, heck, why not? Diehard fans of Epic already know that there’s more to these developers than chainsaw bayonets and glitzy engines: there’s a rich and fascinating history behind it all which started way back in the early nineties (gee whiz, remember that era? We feel old already) and built up the company which today would astound millions of mainstream gamers.

You go ahead and read this article while we cuddle up with our life-sized Jazz Jackrabbit plush doll. Because we totally like to believe that we own one.