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Back off, indies!

The other day (and by that, I mean “some undetermined date a really, really long time ago”) I was having a typical gamer’s discussion inside a typical gamer’s forum. The topic: piracy and all the pain, chaos, death and homeless devs that it brings about.

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World of Goo cursor in 15 minutes

Have you ever wondered how anyone was able to create that magical cursor in the World of Goo? Wonder no more, noble Dev.Mag reader, for this article will explain how you can put that gooey cursor into your game, in just 15 minutes. We will be using Game Maker Pro as our development tool, so to get started, open up a new project.

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World of Goo

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 20, released in February 2008

I must admit: I’ve been a philistine. I played the original Tower of Goo back when it was on Experimental Gameplay and thought that it was entertaining enough. It didn’t blow my mind or anything, but it was worth the time spent playing and I gave it a mental thumbs up before moving on to the next funky prototype in my “To Play” list.

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