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Top skills to become a game developer: what South African developers say

There is something magical about making games: To see people enjoy your creations, interact with the AI agents like they’re real, gawk at your imagery, and yell “I just have to try that again!” when they fail, are some of the most satisfying and exciting experiences a game developer can wish for. But it can be difficult to get there, and some of the the skills that are necessary to make games can be elusive. Dev.Mag asked a few South African game developers what they thought were the most important skills that budding game developers should strive to develop.

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Make your logs interactive and squash bugs faster

With modern debuggers and testing tools, the need for logging is not as great as it once was. But there are times when debuggers won’t do (for example, on players’ machines, or when hunting down bugs that occur sporadically). For these instances, logging can still be useful, and with modern web technology, you can build a powerful logger that is more than just an endless stream of text.

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11 Tips for making a fun platformer


A platformer is a game in which a character runs and jumps around a level consisting of platforms floating in the air. Although this article focuses on platformers, the philosophy behind each idea can be applied to any type of game, whether 2D or 3D. This list does not only include tips for the product (a fun game), but also for the development process.

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