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Ricky Abell is a software developer for an online casino gaming company. When he's not being mocked for using the web browser Opera, he can be found playing obscure Nintendo DS games. His goto music for coding is a tie between DragonForce and Anamanaguchi. [Articles]

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 21, released in April 2008 We’re back with the third installment in the Chzo Mythos series by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. Trilby’s Notes takes place 4 years after the events in the DeFoe manor from 5 Days a Stranger. The titular handwritten notes from […]

Trilby’s Notes

This article originally appeared in Dev.Mag Issue 20, released in February 2008 5 Days a Stranger is a freeware point-and-click adventure game developed by Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. “Yahtzee” has a become a bit of an internet star lately with his weekly video reviews, Zero Punctuation, where he gives a funny and […]

5 Days a Stranger