Another play: Constellation Chaos

News Another play: Constellation ChaosMost simple arcade games earn a few playthroughs here and there, but we were thoroughly charmed by Constellation Chaos, a humble title with simple graphics and only a few precious gameplay elements which nonetheless managed to mercilessly attack and slaughter a good half hour of our lives before we realised what was going on.

The controls are simple: hold a key to rotate your aim, let go to fire yourself off and hope that you hit a star amidst a field of the little glowing buggers. If you crash into the edge of the screen (or get hit by an enemy), you lose.

In the interest of fairness, however, the game has you leave a Tron-like trail that can destroy enemies and, in some cases, deflect their bullets. Powerups such as a refined aim and thickened trail make the game a little bit easier and a whole lot more interesting.

To play this game directly off the Yoyo Games site, you’ll need their plug-in for your browser. Failing that, you can scroll a little bit down the page and find a direct download link.