Platform design wizards share thoughts

News Platform design wizards share thoughtsBack in the late 80s and early 90s, there existed two platformers that were marvellous examples of the best gaming had to offer at the time, and each one was essentially made by a single person. The first of those went on to seed a massive franchise that runs to this day, extending as far as Hollywood and as close as everyone’s game shelf (because you’re really not a gamer unless you’ve played at least one Prince of Persia game; preferably the first one, but Sands of Time will do).

The second, Another World (Out of this World for those New World fellas across the ocean) fell somewhat off the map, often only being remembered by association to its spiritual sequel, Heart of Darkness. However, both of these titles are remembered fondly today (well, okay, yesterday) as Gamasutra reposts a translated interview featuring both designers.

Go on, give it a read.