Organic Indie Preorder Pack

News Organic Indie Preorder PackI’m going to assume you know Wolfire; they’re a grand bunch of blokes who share interesting thoughts, occasionally drop games in our inbox, and make cute videos while occasionally dropping games in our inbox (no, I’m not biased, why would you say that?).

Now, the guys over in Overgrowth dev-land have struck a deal with the guys over in Natural Selection 2 dev-land, Unknown Worlds, to bring everyone a fantastic pre-order bundle, the Organic Indie Preorder Pack. Yes, that’s what you think it is, both Natural Selection 2 (squeee), and Overgrowth (squeee) bundled together for one price. And we have been assured that at least the Overgrowth pre-order will work in Steam, for those who like to keep their games in one place – the NS2 is likely to do so also, but this is unconfirmed just yet.

But that’s no matter, because you get two great indie games for one great price, and the money goes straight to them.

Go and grab it. Now! You even get early access!

Oh, what’s that, you say? “But I’ve already pre-ordered Natural Selection 2/Overgrowth!” Well that’s perfect for you, because you’ve just gotten Overgrowth/Natural Selection 2 absolutely free. Enjoy!