“Become a dev right now”

News "Become a dev right now"I like GameCareerGuide, but I tend to find that it’s aimed at people who are currently game dev students, or have at least got some development experience under their belts. In other words, people who are well on the road towards game dev business already.

That’s why I’m really enthused by this little bugger. It’s an article entitled “How to be a game designer right now” and is clearly aimed at people who are intimidated by the industry. The first step that they recommend? Go analog. We’re talking about board games, card games and even simple dice games. And if you don’t wanna bother with that (though you really should), the article offers some links to easy game creation tools such as The Sims Carnival, which is about as simple as it gets (they even have a game creation wizard to plug everything in for you).

If you’re a novice, this piece is for you. Have a look.