Critique: Save It

News Critique: Save ItI’d like to just point interested readers to a new thingie on the Game.Dev forum that looks set to become quite an interesting regular: the community is starting to hunt down unaffiliated South African games and offering critiques from an outside perspective, starting with an educational Flash game known as Save It that’s aimed at teaching the young ‘uns about energy saving.

We’ve already started making our commentary here, but if any non Game.Dev readers out there want to try it out and offer their comments below, we’d like to see what you have to say about the pros and cons.

It’s a surprisingly useful exercise: by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of other games, developers have a chance to improve themselves by avoiding mistakes and spotting aspects that look cool. That, and you’d be giving some otherwise under-exposed devs some valuable feedback for future projects.

Fancy yourself a game critic? Play, analyse and leave us your expert opinion on Save It. Try to keep commentary civil, balanced and constructive: we’re analysing these things, not reviewing them for IGN. Or Zero Punctuation, for that matter.