Daily Archives: 11 June 2009

So, one last newsy thing for today. Apparently, the latest version of XNA Game Studio has been released (so sayeth the queen spider) and is available for download over here. It has a bunch of awesome new features attached to it including avatar support, video playback and Xbox LIVE party […]

XNA Game Studio 3.1 is here

So. You’re grinding away grindtastically in your favourite grind-friendly MMO (Grind of Grindcraft: The Grindening) when suddenly another player strolls up to you and pressed the big “trade request” button floating over your head. “Excellent,” you think. “I have this +94 chest armour of doomblack that I’ve scrounged together, so […]

Design Challenge: Creating Fun Communication

We mentioned about a week ago that Erik Svedäng was planning on releasing IGF grand prize winner Blueberry Garden via Steam on 8 June. After a few hiccups and entire agonising days of delay (it’s a slippery slope down to the level of Duke Nukem Forever, folks), the game is […]

Blueberry Garden released