In the past few years indie game development has really been taken to the next level. Yet, while there are hordes of sites with interesting news about indie games, nothing quite beats TIGSource. Mostly because of the pie, though.

Started in 2005 by Jordan Magnuson, TIGSource, or The Independent Gaming Source, serves to dole out independent gaming news to the greater public. TIGSource has, since 2005, passed hands to Derek Yu (of Aquaria and I’m OK fame).

The TIGForums

The TIGForums

So what sets TIGSource apart from other blogs?

The posts contain a lot of flair, serving to inform as well as amuse with their well-written prose and good humour. Another thing that TIGSource has going for it is its great community that includes a host of well-known indie developers. TIGSource’s forums are jam-packed with great threads about indie games, indie life and random awesomeness. From the creators of Aquaria, Phil Fish fromFez fame, to Cactus all visit the TIGSource forums. There are brilliant threads for the budding indie developer on topics like Game Maker to procedural generation. If you are new to the indie game scene, there are also lists of great indie games to look out for. The atmosphere is very lighthearted fun, making you want to be a part of the scene, conveying the same message we stand for: to make games because it’s fun .

Apart from the great community, TIGSource has hosted several competitions. The diversity of themes always lend to innovative entries; one competition had you making B-games (a game that’s purposefully bad), while another competition challenged developers to demake a game (2D remakes of current games). You can even find the sexiest indie gamer on TIGSource, winner of another competition run by the site.

TIGSource is also home to community developed games like Balding’s Quest: The Quest of Guy Balding and Indie Brawl (think Super Smash Bros but with indie characters). A recent addition to the TIGSource website is the creation of TIGdb, a large database of indie games currently holding information on 590 indie games from all sources.

TIGSource is highly recommended for any developer, indie or otherwise: be it for the indie gaming news, supportive and funny community or the crazy competitions!

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