XNA on phones, full 3D promised – really

Our local homies at Luma Arcade (swell buncha folks)
XNA on phones, full 3D promised - really have recently been up at GDC along with everybody else in the industry, and Microsoft has just showcased one of their projects, The Harvest as part of anannouncement about XNA-based game made for … well, the new ASUS Windows Phone prototype.

Needless to say, seeing a phone-based game demo of such promising caliber is probably going to send all of the XNA fans out there into one great big excitable tizz. At least, it will if the proposed new platform lives up to expectations. And despite Engadget’s coverage mentioning that some of the scenery in The Harvest was pre-rendered (a claim which is now being popularly referred to on several other sites), Luma’s Dale Best insists that the whole game is in full, real-time 3D.

Either way, more chunks of information (and hopefully some nice ‘n proper videos and stuff) are due to be unveiled at MIX next week, so the rest of us mere mortals will be able to get our answers then. In the meantime, here’s a cool little showreel of the stuff Luma’s done over the past three years:

Luma Arcade Showreel 2010 from Luma Arcade on Vimeo.