IGF winners announced

I think it would be nigh unforgivable to skip out on mentioning the recent IGF awards, IGF winners announcedeven if such a mention is a little later than most. After finally getting a chance to sit down and watch some juicy bits of the awesome video, I decided to post a quick summary of the facts:

The Seumas McNally grand prize went to Monaco, a co-op stealth game in

which four players have to pool their resources to pull off a heist. Developer Andy Schatz is, from what we understand, quite pleased with this.

Other prize winners were Limbo (Excellence in Visual Art, Technical Excellence), Closure (Excellence in Audio), Tuning (Nuovo Award, with a totally awesome acceptance speech from the dev) and Continuity (student showcase winner).

Check out the TIGSource write-up for a more detailed whassisname of the proceedings!