Local pretties – Bounty Arms

Look! More stuff comin’ from sunny SA. Bounty Arms is a side-scrolling platformer thingum, Local pretties - Bounty Armsmade with the recently released Unreal Development Kit, and has been under development for quite some time. But just today, the developers have just released a playable demo. It’s quite a hefty download, be warned, and the game is in no way complete just yet, but the video below gives you a good idea of what you can expect so far:

Over the course of the final game you gather power-ups that hugely alter your character and weapon arsenal, travel across the galaxy to many different worlds, unlock hidden doors to secrets, join with new comrades, fight the multitude of varying enemies that each world will bring, and defeat the bosses that rule them.

In addition to the above description, the developers even provide a game manual for you to review, though it’ll likely change a lot as development progresses. Go on ahead and give it a shot, it’s free! Oh, you’ll probably want to have an Xbox 360 controller plugged in for this. (280mb)