Latest Game Career Guide challenge results

News Latest Game Career Guide challenge resultsI’m going to assume you know about Game Career Guide and their regular game design challenges; if you haven’t, then I clearly need to talk about them more than I already have. Of course, it’s not entirely fair to single out GCG for awesome content, because, over at Dev.Mag, we’re such fans of all of Think Services‘, er… services.

I’m mentioning GCG again now, though, because they’ve just recently released the results of their previous game design challenge on series reboots. It’s particularly notable because it includes the designs of all the winning submissions (with diagrams!), and many of them feature some interesting ideas for reviving the popular series they’ve chosen. If it all looks like too much effort, at least read the winning entry.

And then, after Lara Croft has inspired you for the first time in 10 years, go and see if you can apply that to the newest challenge and its very unrestrictive, narrative-driven theme: ‘your game must open with the character receiving an important letter.’ Good luck!