Gaming through words

News Gaming through wordsSo there’s this game called Silent Conversation on Armor Games, right? Well, I like it. I’ve already seen mixed responses to the concept, so not everybody is going to enjoy it … but, well, screw that.

Silent Conversation is a game that’s built entirely out of words. Instead of basing its strength on the core gameplay dynamic (which is crude, at best) it uses that core to support and strengthen what is essentially an atmospheric experience. And man, it’s rewarding. Reading an HP Lovecraft passage that describes a sandstorm, and then seeing that passage of words flying past the screen just like an actual sandstorm is something that makes me feel all artsy and fuzzy inside.

So yeah. If you want an experience, check it out. If you want an action platformer, give it a miss.

No, seriously. If you decide to play this game and then whine about the run and jump dynamics being substandard despite my warnings, I will slap you. Over the Internet.

Found on IndieGames. Thanks, IndieGames!