Train2Game %2B Tiga = weighty qualification?

News Train2Game %2B Tiga = weighty qualification?Tiga, a UK trade organisation that represents all game developers, from published to indie, plans to team up with distance learning institution Train2Game in order to provide independent input on course content and examinations, as well as ultimately award diplomas to graduating students.

Train2Game’s courses are “designed by the industry for the industry and are relevant to current industry needs,” says Tiga CEO Richard Wilson; the course set is currently divided into two separate fields, development and design, with a third in game art pending launch next year.

While the value of game development diplomas is questionable, Train2Game’s setup is more developed than most other equivalent courses and looks like a good stepping stone to build up some experience, together with the convenience of distance learning (are you dedicated enough?). It being endorsed by Tiga should allay any fears of its quality as well. Certainly worth checking out if you intend doing a specialised qualification in game development or design.