IGF Student Showcase top 10

News IGF Student Showcase top 10An often overlooked half of the IGF is the Student Showcase, where up and coming devs who are still learning the ropes compete for recognition. And it’s often quite naïve to disregard them, having successes like Narbacular Drop originating from academic sources like DigiPen.

Anyway, the fellas over Think Services agree, and have included a special student category in the IGF since 2003. And the latest lot (all 190 of them), have just been reduced to a shortlist of 20, 10 declared winners, the other 10 receiving an honourable mention from the judges. Some names here might be familiar, like ASCIIpOrtal, and there are many that are not-so-familiar. Check out the list and take your guess as to which one will take way the $2,500 first place prize when the GDC rolls into San Francisco in March.