Hire Serious Sam’s voice!

News Hire Serious SamI couldn’t believe this when I first read it. Rock, Paper Shotgun reports that John J. Dick, the guy responsible for the kickass vocals of Serious Sam, is selling his voice talent for a dollar per word. Holy crap.

Serious Sam must be one of the most awesome videogame voices around — at least in my opinion. And while Mr JJD reserves the right to not assume his specific “Sam persona” for game projects and the like (it could become a bit sticky, legally speaking) he has no problem with giving everyday Joes a cool Serious Sam voicemail message or lending his voice for different characters in even the humblest indie projects. And let’s face it: whether or not it’s labelled as “Serious Sam”, there’s no mistaking a voice like that. Serious Sam in Braid. Serious Sam in World of Goo. Serious Sam in Dwarf Fortress (somehow). Oooh, the fun we could have!

More savvy readers may by now be wondering why this opportunity has arisen. Apparently, the dude is rather strapped for cash at the moment: he has some debts to clear, and is only offering this as a temporary service before he gets on his feet again. A bit of an unfortunate story, but one which works out quite well for the rest of us.

My only lamentation is that the price tag is a bit steep for the humbler devs, at least down here in South Africa. But hey, maybe somebody in our readership will welcome the news. It’s kinda cool, yeah?

More details on the RPS post.