Trails HD coming to XBLA

News Trails HD coming to XBLARedLynx‘s Trials 2 made a lot of waves a while back, with its polished rendition of gameplay popularised by Elasto Mania. Broken bones, flipped bikes, frustration and fiery explosions made for an appealing package for the many who bought the game from Steam. Well, RedLynx have picked up on their own success and have taken their game a step further with Trails HD, an XBLA version of the same game.

While it’s still unknown how far into development the game is and, by extension, when it can be expected, it’s certain many more bones will be broken (in HD), bikes flipped (in HD) and fiery explosions witnessed (in HD) when this version is released. If you’re still not sure what we’re talking about, we suggest you check out the official Trials 2 site for more information. Only for the brave!