Mobile game conversion not growing

News Mobile game conversion not growingGather around kids: it’s a story of numbers, statistics and the gaming market! This survey report from Gamasutra seems to be painting a rather droll picture for mobile developers: despite the fact that the mobile gamer base is growing, the percentage of people who are buying said mobile games apparently isn’t.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, the fact is that a whole whack of the mobile gaming population (approximately 85%, according to the recent PopCap survey) are quite content to simply play demos, download free games or even just stick with the games that come as part of their original phone package.

The survey was conducted on just over 1 000 AT&T customers, so it’s not certain if this figure would relate to all regions, especially those with a different level of cellphone penetration. It’s also a bit difficult to believe considering all the rubbish that some people download to their phones. We all have those friends knocking around.