So I was poking around on Twitter today (Digsby, thank you for making the Internet tidy again!) Continuitywhen I saw mention of an IGF student entry called Continuity. Armed with a decent Internet connection and high spirits, I decided that now was the time to spread my wings and get into the habit of clicking on random links once more.

Turns out that this is quite the gem. Continuity distinguishes itself from other platformers in the way that the various “building blocks” which make up a level can be rearranged while you’re moving through them. And so, while half of the game may just be about runnin’ and jumpin’ and gettin’ keys to open various red doors, it turns into quite a fiendish puzzler later on when you have to keep zooming out and sliding bits of the level about to make sure you can get from A to B via C and — somehow — D.

On top of that, it really is quite well-designed. Puzzles are precise, new concepts are introduced gently and the background music is … well, awesome. Give this one a shot, it won’t disappoint!