A whole bunch o’ stuff

Okay, so today I’m going to be lazy (I’ll accept the explanation that I did this to save all our readers time too) A whole bunch oand lob a whole bunch of stuff in this post. Not because all of this isn’t particularly important, but just because I either somehow missed it or it all appeared magically over this last weekend. Anyway, here goes:

  • Remember that super awesome pre-order deal I mentioned a little while back? Well, the Wolfire guys wrote up a post-mortem about the deal over here, and give everyone a good idea of how well it went. In fact, it went so well that beards were, in fact, dyed pink.
  • In related news, Natural Selection 2 (one half of the super awesome pre-order deal I mentioned a little white back) snagged itself ModDB’s prestigious Indie Game of the Year award, edging out Wolfire’s own Overgrowth. Following that, they released a super awesome looking new pre-alpha trailer, showing off their pretties and simultaneously offering an interesting physiology lesson: aliens see out of their mouth. Apt, really.
  • The IGF’s released its next batch of competition winners under the mobile games category.
  • Finally, and most importantly, some news from the home-front. I’m posting this because Nandrew’s both too modest and too busy making awesome things to post it himself: see this forum thread? You can find an early version of a game there. Go and download it right now, because you’ll certainly be seeing and hearing a lot about this one in the near future. And I told you right now.


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