TIGJam UK games. Also, flixel

News TIGJam UK games. Also, flixelWhen bandwidth permits it, I like strolling through threads like this to pick up on all the teensy little games that people make at events like the UK TIGJam. After seeing the announcement on IndieGames and checking on one or two of their recommendations, I decided to browse through some of the other games and was startled to find just how many of them relied on the flixel framework to get the job done in a just few hours.

Flixel has been on my mind a lot recently, and I’ve also used it to make one or two Flash game prototypes in a startlingly short time period: it’s very easy to learn if you’re already acquainted with ActionScript in some form, and seeing all of the TIGJam entries that it has produced fills my heart with joy and bunnies. In fact, I’m off to get said bunnies surgically removed right now, since they’re starting to screw up my blood circulation.

If you’re looking for just a few games to try out, IndieGames recommends I’m Not A Bad Person Really, I Just Have Low Self-Esteem and This Is How Bees Work. I recommend Solar Defense because it has bloom effects. Wheee!