Cheap stuff!

News Cheap stuff!Nandrew, in his eagerness to post all the news in one go (sellout!), has made his sloppiness evident by missing the really important stuff. “What,” you say, “is this that is more important than Scribblenauts postmortems and MW2 dedicated servers?” Actual games are.

And because they’re so important, it’s wise to get them at the best possible price so you can buy lots of them; something Valve and Steam seem to advocate heartily. This is evidenced in the fact that AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! is half price on Steam at the moment.

As I said, this is the truly important news for today. Ignore all that other stuff, and buy this game now. It’s only $7.50, and you get to flip off people as you jump off buildings. This is cool.

And then maybe you can go and read all that other stuff while it’s downloading. Maybe…