Independently independent

News Independently graces us with a compelling argument in favour of independent development, showing how true innovation is only likely to arise from independent sources. The piece reasons that, due to its inherent nature, the flexibility of indie development gives it a considerable reign of freedom (and potential) over larger development projects.

While these may not be groundbreaking positions, their presentation offers the standpoint a whole lot of weight. Particularly notable is how the article makes a strong argument while simultaneously succeeding in not understating the value of large, commercial projects built by triple-A studios and massive teams. As such, the piece remains realistic and relevant, and, simply, is a darned good read.

Plus it has a really rough screenshot of an early Braid prototype – before Hellerman was recruited to provide the game with pretties – which is a stark reminder that everything has humble roots. The image alone is worth the price of admission, and that price is nothing more than clicking this link.