Tower of Heaven

News Tower of HeavenTake yourself back to a time with fewer colours, blippier-bloopier sounds and a much steeper difficulty curve. Tower of Heaven is one of those retro-styled games which will appeal to the hardcore nostalgics — you know, the sort of folks who can win Mega Man with only one hand on the controller.

Tower of Heaven has you trying to climb a tower. Presumably one that leads to heaven. And your classic overarching deity figure dude isn’t too happy about it. In fact, being a classic overarching deity figure, he’s going to do what every classic overarching deity figure does best: make rules. Most of these rules will hurt you.

Every few levels, a new rule is made which you have to abide by for the rest of the game, lest you meet an untimely demise. The game isn’t namby-pamby about it either: just a few stages in, for example, you’ll be informed that you’re no longer allowed to walk left. The insanity mounts as one proceeds further, and I think I must have carried on due to some twisted masochistic streak that allowed me to impale myself on spikes, saws and, er, butterflies time and time again.

It’s an interesting game, but I’ll have to stress: it’s for the oldschool enthusiasts and diehard pros only. Cos you will die. Hard.

Thanks to GameSetWatch for the find: linking straight to the developer’s Website would have been weird without you!