“What are indie games?”

News "What are indie games?"Well, we’ve just come out of the long weekend down here (Monday off, yay!), and I’ve decided to take a lazy stroll through my RSS feeds to find something nice to write about today.

This little Tuesday reading snippet, entitled “What are indie games?” comes from the Wolfire blog. I don’t know why I keep coming back to these guys: maybe it’s because they’ve got one of the more interesting dev diaries out there. Or maybe it’s just because they can describe their game through an interpretive bagpipe solo thing. Either way, it’s cool. You should sign up to their feed if you’re the RSS type.

Anyway, this particular post of theirs is an interesting discussion on the definition of indie games, why said definition is important and how people feel about the perception of indie games nowadays. Of particular interest to me was the overview of two rival schools of thought about renaming Xbox Live Community Games to Xbox Live Indie Games.

Personally, I’m in favour of that particular change: the new acronym means that I’m allowed to just say “x-big” instead of the much-more-cumbersome “XBCG” when I want to describe it to somebody. Rolls off the tongue, no?

Man, I’m shallow.