News BlinkoutRight, let’s see how this goes down with people. Blinkout is a game about visual memory — plain and simple. It’s also got a touch of resource management and some spooky sound effects.

The game starts you off with what looks to be a rather average move-and-collect scenario — you have to bump into a “key” of sorts to open up a level exit and get to the next stage. The problem comes in when you try to move and find out that you’ve just plunged the entire screen into darkness. That and there’s a bunch of nasty obstacles waiting to ruin your fun if you can’t remember where they were situated.

This is another of those little buggers that hails from the TIGSource forums. It has its pros and cons, to be honest, and if you’re not interested in memory-related games you’ll probably just want to give this one a miss. On the other hand, if you like something that’s ambient, has some polish and tests your grey matter in an interesting way … well, the game is short and sweet and the author is really keen for some feedback either way.

Have a look and send in your opinions. Yay or nay?