READ THIS! RPG Game Design Essentials

News READ THIS! RPG Game Design EssentialsI’m currently sitting on about page 10 of a game analysis leviathan that has been published in Gamasutra. Instead of delaying this news post by another 6 hours in my effort to complete the reading, I decided to write about it now and get back to reading when I’m done.

This is, in a nutshell, an insanely comprehensive look at the RPG genre. It starts (fittingly enough) with the original pen-and-paper Dungeons and Dragons, then moves through an analysis of RPGs through the ages from both the Western and JRPG schools.

There’s an insane amount of research, analysis, linking and cake that has gone into this, and I can feel my mind expanding with every word. I’d very much like to lean back, puff on my pipe and proclaim this to be a “damn fine piece of gaming journalism”. It’s your all-in-one RPG companion guide!

Here’s the link again. In case you missed it. Or thought that you could chicken out of a damn good read.