Comp 22: Genre Benders!

News Comp 22: Genre Benders!Ever wanted to make Starcraft into a puzzle-platformer? How about a text-adventure version of Grand Theft Auto? If such wild fancies are roaming through your head, then maybe it’s time to enter Game.Dev’s Comp 22 and show us just how far you can stretch your grey matter. As you may have guessed, the goal is to re-imagine an existing game by setting it in as alien a genre as possible. Let your imagination go wild – the competition is sure to provide a few good laughs, a lot of important lessons and an excellent springboard for novice developers.

The whole shebang starts today, and wannabe entrants have a month in which to make something. Be sure to read up on the rules and stuff before starting!

… oh, and while you’re here, have a gander at this oddly-appropriate Cracked article. Worthwhile, we promise!